cernunnos atelier fahrner annemarie and guenther


cernunnos atelier fahrner annemarie and guenther


chariot guenther fahrner




Dea Dia, Annemarie Fahrner

Dea Dia



Phoenix atelier fahrner annemarie and guenther




dark beeing

dark shapes



stag atelier fahrner guenther




warrior atelier fahrner




Kentauer Atelier Fahrner




Pegasus Atelier Fahrner




monster crabb atelier fahrner

 monster crab in the natural environment in jammerbugten in denmark



my hobby horse guenther fahrner atelier fahrner

my hobby horse, height 288 cm, Günther Fahrner 2016


Antonius, Guenther Fahrner 2013, Atelier 'Fahrner

The temptation of the holy Antonius, Günther Fahrner 2013




Water-carrier, Annemarie Fahrner 2016



atelier fahrner passion

On the climax of passion, height 372 cm, Günther Fahner 2009.





art frees the soul




When I am creating a sculpture
I don´t use sketches in most cases.
They grow by their own.
Art is free and also bound.
I have to do what is necessary.
The sculpture and the theme
know their own shape.
Spinoza said, that you have to
admit the necessity.
By creating a sculpture I believe that I understand what he meant.






Art is a very silent language.
Not every person is able to listen to these messages.
But art is a very strong language.
I don´t know a better language.
Maybe the gods know a better way of speaking,
but I hope for them, that they are also
able to enjoy this kind of conversation.


Watercarrier Annemarie Fahrner

 Watercarrier Annemarie Fahrner






Scrap metal has a history.
The sculptures are beings from a ancient world.
That is the reason why scrap metal is a good
material for this themes. The histories of both
find together and become a new shape.






























"Whatever comes after you´ve done your work,
ist doesn´ You an´t control ist. The work has
to fight for itself and define itself."
(Maurizio Cattelan)







Torso Annemarie Fahrner - Atelier Fahrner steelsculpture

Torso, Annemarie Fahrner 2009, height190 cm.



double bass player guenther fahrner - atelier fahrner
double-bass player











atelier fahrner titan torso

Sculpture by Günther Fahrner 2010 (Titan and high quality steel, artificial hip joints and knees)




titan torso günther fahrner







Harpye guenther fahrner atelier fahrner

Harpye, Günther Fahrner, 2014. height 285 cm


Mythology is important.
Times are changeing and getting faster.
But the main themes stay always the same.
Today it is getting harder to realize what is realy important.
Decideing between things that help us and others
that harm us is very difficult. The sculptures are singnposts.
This signs are in the unconcious of each person.
You have to allow them to live.
We are trying to give some of them real life.


One archetypic symbol that is very important for me
is the minotaur. I admire his strenght and power. He is both
an animal and a human being. We aren´t used to realize
that we are also animals. We try hard to ignore, that
we are not important on this world. The technical
world is a great prison. We can´t see the real world
outside. We are just like a minotaur in a great labyrinth.
We are prisoners of our own world and ideas.
Only a few of us have the strenght to
see the reality and to live.



industrial region Ötztal Bahnhof - an allegory atelier fahrner

industrial region Ötztal Bahnhof - an allegory
hight 365 cm Günther Fahrner 2007




akt annemarie fahrner stellsculpture atelier fahrner

gnothi seauton - know thyself
height 155 cm
Annemarie Fahrner 2010


What is real? A symbol is just a symbol and a sculpture is just a sculpture. But I´m sure that an artwork is more real than a river, an elefant or a railroad. Art is able to tell the truth about the world. Every real thing is just an example for something that is possible - but it doesn´t tell you more about the world. The language of art is open in many directions. Art isn´t just art. Art is a way to speak about the world.




akt annemarie fahrner stellsculpture atelier fahrner

gnothi seauton - know thyself
height 155 cm
Annemarie Fahrner 2010




Iron is the ideal material to create
mythological beeings.
They have to be great and overwhelming.
If you stand in front of one of this
creatures you can unterstand the message.
There is no explanation necessary.
That´s what I like. You have to feel it.
It isn´t important what anyeone tells you,
if you are able to sense the message.
Being in contact with the world and your self,
that ist one message of the sculptures.




artemis steel sculpture annemarie fahrner

Artemis, Annemarie Fahrner 2010



Zeus and Europa, Guenther fahrner atelier fahrner

Zeus and Europa, Günther Fahrner 2016. height 210cm


Aristoteles said, that the soul is thinking
in pictures. He already knew, that a
symbol is much more expressive
than a lot of words. Our unconcious uses archetypical symbols and not logical theories.
And I´m sure our unconsious knows
very well why it chooses this way of reflection.




Art is luxury and necessity. Art is a great luxury and also a great necessity for every society. Art is the engine an the power.




Laokoon atelier fahrner

Laokoon, Günther Fahrner




In mythology catharina is known as a very
intelligent and brave woman. Legend tells
us that Emperor Maxentius wanted to have
her as his wife. But she was not interessted in
this relationship. That incensed the Emperer.
He decidet to break her on the wheel.
When this was planed something unexpected
happened. Power from the universe helpt her
and she was able to free herself. The sculpture
shows this moment.


Catharina of Alexandria, atelier fahrner

Catharina of Alexandria, height 400 cm
Günther Fahrner 2006




der Tiroler guenther fahrner metalsculpture atelier fahrner

"Der Tiroler", Günther Fahrner 2009, height 100 cm





Art is like a ship on the stormy ocean.
The travel is dangerous, very dangerous,
but we have no choice.
We have to sail on or to go down in the sea.
It´s a matter of fact, that a lot of "people alive"
are already dead.
Because they don´t believe in life.






birds like to make theis nests in our sculptures.


Art is the main road to peace. Only a free spirit is a peaceful mind.
Art is a very powerful way to free the soul.

To be a fighter for freedom means to me to be an artist.
No other way makes more sense, no other weapons are
more effective.



birds in a sculpture from atelier fahrner