On Cyprus are the Aphrodite Hills situated

Some of our sculptures found there new home at the Villa Poseidon


Kentauer atelier fahrner

Centaur in the garden of Villa Poseidon


pegasus atelier fahrner günther villa poseidon






aphrodite atelier fahrner günther villa poseidon






poseidon atelier fahrner günther





Villa poseidon auf Zypern

Villa Poseidon




Anyone who assumes that Greek mythology and the Greek world of the Gods are a thing of the past is subject to a considerable error! I would like to mention a mythological tale with astonishing topicality:


It happened in the recent past that Ποσειδῶν Poseidṓn was struck by a curiosity he had not known before. He wanted to explore an important river that feeds his seas. In order to make his enterprise as well-founded and successful as possible, he asked one Κένταυρος Kéntauros for his support. Clever and far-sighted as Centaurs are, this one advised Poseidon to choose the Danube and to advance as far as the very charming place of Wesenufer. This project pleased even the Centaur so much that he decided to accompany Poseidon on this journey.

This plan was not a secret in the mythological world for long, so Πήγασος Pēgasos also offered his services and even Ἀφροδίτη Aphrodítē found great pleasure in this idea!

The journey was very exciting! Nevertheless, I do not want to go into more detail here, but rather continue the narrative at the destination point in Wesenufer, and here I do not want to conceal the astonishing fact that the mythological travel group in Wesenufer took such a great liking to this place and especially to the Fahrner Sculpture Park that they kept postponing their return journey.

This put both Χρόνος Chrónos and Ζεύς Zeús in an increasingly bad mood. It was clear to them that this adventure must come to an abrupt end, lest history go off the rails.

They asked for the always very wise advice of Δαίδαλος Daídalos. It was simple and efficient at the same time: He suggested that the local artists Annemarie and Günther be commissioned to capture the mythological creatures in boxes at a favourable moment and then send them back home with a transport company and all the necessary formalities (T2L form!).

And so it happened that they were sent to Villa Poseidon in Cyprus, trapped in the crates, and once there they are having a very good time together again and are always happy to recount this mythological adventure, which admittedly seems a little untrue.

transport of the sculptures

pegasus atelier fahrner
positioning of the sculpture